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The Ontario Land Tribunal accepted a settlement offer agreement between the applicant and the City of Toronto for a 27-storey mixed-use tall building. The settlement includes the replacement of the existing rental dwelling units and fourteen new affordable rental dwelling units on the lands for a minimum period of ninety-nine years.  The site plan remains under review.

A 13-storey mixed-use building with 171 units, and retail space fronting onto Bloor Street was approved by the Toronto Local Apeal Body (TLAB), decision dated October 4, 2022.

The application was originally denied by the Committee of Adjustment in March, 2022.  That decision was appealed toTLAB.

The Site Plan remains under review.

An 8-storey mixed use condominium was approved in 2015. Councillor Perks had met with the developer and local residents in spring 2021 and summer 2022 to discuss site plan issues. The Site Plan remains under review.

A 14 storey mixed-use building with 193 residential (condominium) units and ground floor retail space fronting on Bloor Street West was approved in 2019

Demolition has taken place The construction of this 12-storey condominium with retail at grade is expected to begin shortly.

The applicant reached an agreement with the City in 2018 for a 7-storey residential building, with 2 levels of above-ground parking adjacent to the railway. The build is near completion.

A Zoning and Official Application was filed in August 2022 proposing a mixed-use development including a 25 and a 21-storey tower building fronting onto Dufferin Street connected by a 4 to 6-storey base building, and an 11-storey mid-rise component located at the corner of Dufferin Street and Melbourne Avenue.

A pre-application meeting was held with community members in summer 2022.City Planning staff will be scheduling a community meeting to review the application within the next few months.

Choice Properties Reit submitted a rezoning application for this site in August 2022. The revised application does not include the Bishop Morocco/Thomas Merton School site. The applicant  will maintain conversation with the Toronto Catholic District and Toronto District School boards in parallel of this process to determine the best options for the site.

Community consultations to review this application began in early 2023.  This, in addition to a pre-application meeting and roundtable workshops in 2022.

In 2014, the Ontario Municipal Board approved a 24-storey building for this site.

The applicant submitted a site plan and Committee of Adjustment amendment for 3 additional floors which was approved in 2021. Construction is currently underway.

2400 Dundas St West, north of Bloor St West, is currently home to FreshCo and Shoppers Drug Mart, across from Chelsea Avenue.

In July, 2022 City Council approved redesignation of the lands at 2400 Dundas St West from General Employment Areas to Mixed Use Areas to permit residential, office, service and retail uses. 

A pre-application meeting with the community to share a proposed rezoning application is scheduled for Feb 22, 2023.

In July 2018, City Council approved an application for an 8-storey residential building with 107 units, 47 parking spaces, and 192 bicycle parking spaces. Construction is underway.

An Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) settlement offer was accepted in August 2018 between the developer and the City which permits a 9-storey building containing 151 residential units with retail at grade. Site plan was approved in early 2020. Construction is underway.

Construction is underway at Dundas St West and Pacific Avenue for this 8-storey mid-rise building consisting of mixed residential, office, and ground-level retail. The facade of the historic Rowntree building at 2946-2952 Dundas St W will be conserved, as it has been identified as having cultural heritage value.

A Committee of Adjustment application was accepted to convert the existing one-storey building (Place of Worship) into a five-storey mixed-use building for at-grade commercial space and a total of 14 residential dwelling units. The altered building will include the construction of a complete four-storey addition (second to fifth storey), a rear integral garage (for two parking spaces), and a green rooftop patio.

Following an LPAT appeal in 2021, the City and the applicant settled on this proposed eight-storey mixed-use building for this site. A decision on the LPAT hearing between another party and the applicant remains outstanding.

An 8 story mixed-use building consisting of 88 units has been proposed for this site. A pre-application meeting was held in July 2021, with a  City Planning staff  consultation following in March 2022. A City Planning Final report is expected later in 2023.

Demolition has taken place at the corner of Humber Hill Ave and Dundas St West in anticipation of a 13-storey rental building that received zoning approval from the City in 2017. The ownership of the site has recently changed, and the site plan application has yet to be completed.

A Site Plan review of a 6-storey self-storage facility is under review.

A rezoning application was approved in Jan 2019 for an 11-storey, 123 unit infill apartment building. The proposed building will be added to the same site as an existing 30-storey residential apartment building with 233 units. Since that time, the applicant has not moved further in the process.

First submitted in Dec 2016, a settlement offer for this proposal was considered at City Council in Dec 2019 approving four buildings with heights of 5, 11, 30, and 36-storeys. The proposed buildings will be added to the four rental apartment buildings which will be maintained. Twenty 2-storey townhouses will be demolished as part of this proposal. The site plan is near completion.

Construction on the conversion of this heritage-protected church into a 77 unit residential building including a 4-storey addition to the top, west, and south sides is underway.

An application was submitted in April 2021 proposing an 11-storey mixed-use building with 128 units at the N/W corner of Howard Park Avenue and Dundas St West.

An Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) appeal was filed in November 2021. City Council has directed the City Solicitor, together with appropriate staff, to attend the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearing to oppose the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application for 2-6 Howard Park Avenue in its current form and to continue discussions with the applicant in an attempt to resolve outstanding issues.

An OLT hearing has now been scheduled for March, 2023.

In November 2021 an application for an 11 storey mixed-use residential building was submitted for the former Canadian Tire Gas Bar site. A pre-application meeting was held with the community prior to submission with further consultation in March 2022. City Planning staff continue to work on this application review with a Final Report expected later in 2023.

The site received LPAT approval in August 2020 for a 5 storey, 30 unit apartment building. A revised application for a building with the same height and massing, with increased unit count from 30 to 64 received zoning approval in May 2022, The Site Plan remains under review.

In Feb 2018, a settlement was reached between the City and applicant to construct a 14-storey building on the southwest corner and a 19-storey building on the northeast corner of King St W and Dufferin St. Construction is currently underway.

A pre-application meeting in June, 2022 reviewed a proposal for an affordable housing development at 1337-1339 King Street West. The application intends to add approximately 110 units of affordable rental housing between a new 10-storey building and mews housing.

In December 2017 an application was submitted at this site for two towers, 21- and 26-storeys tall with commercial at grade. A working group was formed with community members and the local ratepayers association to examine the validity of this application, versus following the 65 metre existing strata.

After extensive negotiations it was deemed by the majority that the increased height on one tower with smaller floor plates on both towers best protected the view corridors for existing Swansea residents. The Rezoning application was approved in July, 2022.The Site Plan remains under review.

An 8-storey building with some non-residential space on the ground floor and housing above has been approved. The site will contain 101 residential units and two levels of below grade parking, with 115 spaces for bicycle parking. The Site Plan is pending.

This settlement agreement amends the Zoning By-law to permit one block of 5 3-storey townhouse, one 32 storey building, one 25 storey building, to be developed and added to the lands currently occupied by three residential rental buildings. 

There are three rental apartments buildings already on site: a 17 storey building at 111 Pacific Avenue with 243 rental units; a 23 storey building at 255 Glenlake Avenue with 336 rental units; and a 12 storey building at 66 Oakmount Road with 171 rental units. The three existing buildings will be retained.

The Site Plan remains under review.

An Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment application was submitted for a new 9-storey mixed-use building, including 117 new residential units, with retail/ commercial at grade. The applicant has filed an appeal at the Ontario Land Tribunal. City Legal and Planning staff have received direction to attend the OLT to oppose the current application. The process is underway. City Council designated 1354, 1358 and 1360 Queen Street West as property of cultural heritage value or interest in December 2021.

A Settlement proposal for a seven-storey mixed-use building comprised of residential and commercial uses was reached by applicant and the City and approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal in January 2022 with work to address conditions of settlement underway. The site plan remains under review.

A rezoning application and Site Plan application proposing a 6-storey building on this site was approved in 2022.

City Council accepted a settlement offer in February, 2022 that approves a mixed-use 8 storey building. The Settlement offer also includes a contribution to the City for use in the City’s Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition (MURA) Program toward acquiring affordable housing in the Parkdale neighbourhood, and a contribution to the City as tenant compensation, for the benefit of former tenants and occupants of the former site as determined and as administered by the PNLT in consultation with the City. 

The site plan remains under review.

After an appeal to the LPAT seeking rezoning approval to build a 7-storey office building, the applicant and the City reached an agreement for a 5-storey (26.5m with mechanical penthouse) mixed-use office building with at-grade retail. The new construction will retain the existing heritage protected 2-storey former bank. Site plan remains under review.

The application was originally submitted in January, 2021 proposing a 16-storey residential building comprised of 273 dwelling units at 2-24 Temple Avenue.

The applicant appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) in September 2021 and then made a settlement offer to the city to resolve the Appeal.

The Settlement offer included a height reduction from 16 to 14 storeys, along with specific step backs and set backs, and attention to tree protection. It was accepted by the Ontario Land Tribunal. The site plan remains under review.

In 2012 City Council approved a mixed-use development consisting of a 29 and 26-storey apartment building and a 3-storey townhouse block which contain, in total, 558 residential units. In 2015 the owner applied to permit a larger grocery store and modify the built form, layout of the site, and location of parking spaces. The requested variances were approved, which among other matters, increased the tower heights to 30 and 27-storeys. The site plan remains under review.

A rezoning application was approved to retain and convert the existing 3-storey heritage building onsite to residential and add 4-storey residential townhouses to the south, for a combined total of 16 new residential units. As part of the agreement, the adjacent Charles G Williams Park will be gaining a strip of land 1.5m wide along its eastern boundary.

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