TransformTO: Moving forward, faster

I have had the honour of being the first chair of Toronto's committee to handle the climate crisis, TransformTO. What started as a small subcommittee turned into one of the most ambitious emissions reduction strategies in North America, designed to protect our city’s future from the effects of climate change. 

What We’ve Done

  • laid the foundation for the city’s climate work, through building a coalition on City Council to pass TransformTO, working with council members of all political stripes to take meaningful action on the climate crisis. 
  • TransformTO aims to get community-wide greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto to net zero by 2040—10 years earlier than initially proposed. 

Our Work Ahead

  • Secure dedicated and sustained climate funding.
  • Purchase the TTC buses needed now to fulfill our climate action plan 
  • Demonstrate carbon accountability by establishing a carbon budget for City operations and the community as a whole.
  • Accelerate a rapid and significant reduction in natural gas use.
  • Establish performance targets for existing buildings across Toronto.
  • Increase access to low-carbon transportation options, including walking, biking, public transit and electric vehicles.
  • Increase local renewable energy to contribute to a resilient, carbon-free grid.

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