Parkside Drive

Every day, people who live near Parkside Drive have to contend with unsafe conditions. We have worked over the years on the dangerous speeding on Parkside, but there is still work to do. I will be continuing to work with community leaders to accelerate and expand our plan.

What We've Done

November 2021

  • Parkside Drive Safety Measures (City Council member motion MM37.1)
  • Speed limit reduction from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour on Parkside Drive between Bloor Street West and Lakeshore Boulevard West.
  • Installation of permanent “Watch Your Speed” signs on Parkside Drive.

April 2022

  • Installation of an Automated Speed Enforcement camera on Parkside Drive.

May 2022

  • High Park Movement Strategy Interim Report (Infrastructure and Environment Committee item IE30.16)

July 2022

  • Launch of the Parkside Drive Study, to collect community feedback on potential further changes.

The Work Ahead

  • Installation of traffic signal on Parkside Drive at Geoffrey Street. The signal is anticipated to be operational by the end of 2022.
  • Planned installation of a temporary asphalt sidewalk on the west side of Parkside Drive between Spring Road and just north of the Queensway underpass.
  • Installation of a traffic signal on Parkside Drive just north of The Queensway to allow for safe pedestrian crossing to the TTC bus stop (Community Council item TE34.142).
  • Planned installation of pay-and-display parking spots on the west side of Parkside Drive between Spring Road and north of the underpass once the sidewalk is installed (Community Council item TE34.142).

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