Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition (MURA)

Deeply affordable homes are being lost as building owners evict tenants and put them on the open market. The Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition (MURA) protects affordable units by bringing them into public ownership and partnering with non-profit and co-operative housing operators. MURA  supports the acquisition of private market rental housing by non-profit housing organizations, including co-operative housing providers. 

What We’ve Done

The MURA program is built directly on the work of our community. It was initiated as the Rooming House Acquisition Pilot Project in 2018. Through expanding this “Made in Ward 4” solution to the City as a whole, communities across Toronto can now protect their affordable housing units. After a heavy push from our Ward 4 community, the 2022 City budget provided $20 million to start this expansion. 

Our Work Ahead

While I successfully lobbied Council to secure a reserve fund of a minimum $10 million annually for the program, we must protect this investment. I will continue to lead this work to build and expand upon the program to ensure rooming houses and affordable units are protected.

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