High Park Movement Strategy Passes at City Council


City Council has approved the High Park Movement Strategy (HPMS) final report and implementation plan which will be transformative for High Park. The City will continue to keep vehicle restrictions in place on Saturdays, Sunday and holiday Mondays. We have also committed to a long-term goal of getting to a car-free High Park. City staff have been given directions to develop a implementation plan on how we can achieve this while continuing to keep the park accessible.  

The HPMS will take a phased approach to changes in the park. The first phase of implementation will involve restricting vehicle access on West Rd and a portion of Colborne Lodge Drive to allow for designated spaces that are for pedestrians, cyclists and other modes of active transportation. Vehicles will be able to drive into the park Monday to Friday by entering through Parkside Dr and exiting onto Bloor St. Parking spaces will also be available in the park on weekdays. Private vehicle access will be restricted on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays.  

As the City works towards achieving a car-free park, we recognize that accessibility concerns need to be addressed. There are measures the City can introduce to ensure that the park remains accessible. The City will be exploring solutions such as expanding the TTC bus route within the park and introducing an accessible shuttle service that operates around the year in the park.

While there is still a great deal of work we must do, this is an important step in the right direction. Working to achieve a car-free High Park aligns with the City's commitments to Vision Zero, improved urban design and in achieving our climate change goals. I appreciate all of the community interest and feedback that has been shared and helped shape this strategy. I will continue to keep you updated as this work moves forward.




In this week's newsletter:

  • City Council adopts Multiplex study report
  • 504 King Streetcar on Roncesvalles Avenue
  • Swansea Horticultural Society Plant Sale - May 13th

City Council adopts Multiplex Study Report

City Council adopted City of Toronto staff recommendations to help permit multiplexes in all neighbourhoods to support building new homes for people.

The adopted recommendations will result in amendments to the City’s Official Plan and city-wide Zoning Bylaw to enable the development of multiplexes – low-rise housing with two, three or four units in a single building – in all neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. The recommended changes aim to permit more housing in all low-rise neighbourhoods while largely maintaining their built form and landscape amenities.

This initiative is one component of the City’s 2023 Housing Action Plan, which seeks to increase the housing supply within complete, inclusive and sustainable communities with critical infrastructure to support growth.

The full Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods: Multiplex Study – Final Report is available on the City’s website. PDF

More information about the City’s HousingTO 2020-2023 Action Plan is available on the City’s HousingTO Action Plan webpage.


504 King Street Car on Roncesvalles Avenue

Following the very complex reconstruction of the King / Queen / Queensway / Roncesvalles intersection, we welcome the return of the 504 streetcar to Roncesvalles Avenue. The return of one of the busiest surface streetcar routes in North America is very exciting news.

Swansea Horticultural Society Plant Sale

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