High Park Movement Strategy

The High Park Movement Strategy will rethink the travel network serving High Park in the context of the city’s growing population, changing travel patterns, and the impacts of COVID-19. The goal is to improve mobility within the park, while prioritizing safety, accessibility and the park’s ecological integrity. The study will also explore interim solutions that can be delivered in the short term.

What We've Done

  • During the pandemic, we introduced car-free weekends in High Park as part of ActiveTO. 
  • Building on the success of this project, we have created the High Park Movement Strategy, which is in the process of reimaging the travel networks of the park to improve mobility while ensuring the park can be enjoyed safely by everyone. I believe that we can make our parks and transportation routes safer by design, instead of relying on enforcement. If you're interested in being part of the conversation about High Park's future, please click here.
  • The work on Parkside Drive has also been integrated into the High Park Movement Strategy, making sure that the movement strategy is taking into consideration how people move around the park as well.

The Work Ahead

  •  To achieve safer, usable, and world-class infrastructure for our community and the whole City of Toronto--where cyclists, pedestrians and transit users use road space harmoniously--we must work together. We must fix these issues through safe and complete design of our roads, parks, and neighbourhoods. I am encouraging everyone join the conversation and be part of achieving that goal, which I'm sure is shared priority of many people in our community.


I acknowledge the concern regarding Toronto Police Services recent actions in High Park. One of the most important democratic foundations that must be protected is the separation of individual politicians from directing individual officers on how to enforce the law. This is to prevent the police from turning into a political instrument for individual elected officials. Council and Councillors are therefore legally forbidden from directing the police and why it's important that every citizen raise their concerns directly with the Chief of Police and the Police Service Board.

Decisions on specific deployment of Police officers is the responsibility of Chief of Police James Ramer, who is overseen by the Toronto Police Services Board. To voice your concerns, contact the Chief of Police at o[email protected]. You can also contact the Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board through their website Toronto Police Services Board - Contact Us

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