Fixing Local Roads

Safe local roads make our neighbourhoods more livable and will protect lives. Using a system-level approach, let's continue to update how we think about the use of our streets. 

What We've Done

  • Lowering the speed limit on all local roads to 30km/h­—paving the way for this change to take effect all over the city
  • Updating the speed warrant system so that it’s easier to access traffic calming measures, like stop signs and speed bumps
  • Using the opportunity presented by the King / Queen / Queensway / Roncesvalles state of good repair work to create a better designed intersection and increase green space

Our Work Ahead

  • Upgrades at the Dundas St W / Dupont St / Annette St / Old Weston Rd intersection to better direct vehicles and encourage safer road use for all
  • Reviewing more intersections to make neighbourhoods safer for all
  • Basing road design on Complete Streets principles to build more bike lanes, improve walkability, and reduce conflicts between road users

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