Environmental Stewardship

Between the waterfront, High Park, the Humber River, and our communities parks and parkettes, Parkdale—High Park has an active and important role to play in protecting our natural environment.

What We've Done

  • Brought together Parks, Forestry, and Recreation staff and our local parks groups to work together to protect our natural landscapes
  • Pushed our small business communities and Transportation staff to move to natural species for their plantings. 

Our Work Ahead

  • Remediation work is needed to protect Grenadier Pond for future generations.
  • Protecting our beaches and waterfront parks from erosion through improved landscaping
  • Creating more parkspace on our waterfront through the Waterfront West Master
  • Continuing to build our urban canopy, which helps reduce ambient temperature and build climate resilient neighbourhoods
  • Creating more opportunities for recreation along the waterfront, like investments in the Martin Goodman Trail and much-needed upgrades to Lake Ontario breakwalls.

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