City Council votes on new deal for Toronto


Yesterday, Toronto City Council unanimously adopted recommendations to implement the Ontario-Toronto New Deal, an historic agreement that will have a strong positive effect on the City of Toronto's finances. The recommendations approved by Council were part of the “Ontario-Toronto New Deal Agreement” staff report.

My comments at Council are available here .

The new deal at its core is $1.23 billion in operating support from the province over three years and $3.04 billion in capital support over ten years. Capital support includes relief of costs via the City uploading the Gardiner and the Don Valley Parkway to the province which will have impacts beyond ten years.

The new deal reaffirms the City's and the Province's commitments around housing, transit and the sustainability of the City's long term financial plan.

A part of the deal, however, is contingent on the Government of Canada partnering with the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario on these priorities, as a significant portion of the financial support from the Province (the operating funding for shelters and capital funding for 55 new subway trains) is conditional on federal support being provided.

To ensure that we can bring all orders of governments to the table and work towards better services and supports for Torontonians, I encourage you to reach out to your Member of Parliament and urge them to make this commitment.

Both the operating and capital supports will have immediate impacts on our ongoing Budget discussions for the 2024 City Budget and beyond.

I'd like to note that Budget Consultations were held from November 1st to 30th, to gather feedback on the public's priorities for the City's 2024 Budget.

A report on the results of these online and in-person consultations will be posted in January. There will be additional opportunities for members of the public to share feedback both online and in-person to help shape how our City can build a safe, caring and affordable city where everyone belongs. The first budget committee meeting will be held on January 10, 2024.

You can learn more about how to get involved in the Budget here:



- Update on 1437-1455 Development Application

- Dufferin Street Bridge One Day Closure

- Bloor West Complete Street and Bike Lanes Extension Update

- Parkdale Community Food Bank's "Feast 4 Parkdale" fundraiser

- Interim Rate increase for Solid Waste and Toronto Water

Update on 1437-1455 Development Application

The applicant of 1437-1455 Queen Street West has recently appealed their Development Application to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

The application proposes to demolish the existing buildings and construct a new 12-storey mixed use building containing 249 dwelling units.

A Community Consultation meeting to review the application was held virtually on October 10, 2023.

Detailed Information submitted to the City by the applicant is available for your review under 'supporting Documents' on the City's webpage at: .

The City Clerk's Office received the appeal notice on November 28, 2023 and has instructed staff to prepare the municipal record for the OLT. The applicant team will be instructed by the OLT to provide further notice to the community regarding participation opportunities and future case management meetings. Nothing has been scheduled to date.

City Planning staff will begin preparing a Request for Directions report which will go to Toronto and East York Community Council in the next few months.

My office will share the Request for Directions Report and any new information on this address as it becomes available.

Dufferin Street Bridge One Day Closure

The work on the bridge has been completed, and both north and southbound lanes of Dufferin Street are now reopened to vehicular traffic. However, as previously communicated, the Dufferin Street Bridge will need to undergo a one day closure in order to install a permanent south median energy attenuator. The closure will occur in the early morning of Friday, December 15 and the bridge is expected to re-open later in the evening.

We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this project.

Bloor West Complete Street and Bike Lanes Extension Update #14

This email is to provide an update on phase 1 of the installation of the Bloor Street West Complete Street and Bike Lanes Extension from Runnymede Road to Aberfoyle Crescent. Installation of phase 1 began the week of September 11, 2023. Initial installation is planned for completion in December 2023, with upgrades planned for 2024 and beyond.  

This will be the last email update for the remainder of 2023. Regular installation updates will resume in Spring 2024 once phase 1 upgrades and phase 2 initial installation are planned to begin; however, sporadic updates may occur throughout the winter if work is scheduled.  

Work scheduled for the rest of December 2023

  • Ongoing signage installation and adjustments along the corridor.
  • Installation of platforms at bus stops, accessible loading and commercial loading zones.
  • Installation of barriers and curbs near newly added platforms.

Work will take place both during the day and at night and is scheduled to avoid conflicts with other construction in the roadway. The work scheduled is dependent on weather conditions. 

Feast 4 Parkdale: Celebrating the diversity of our community

Join the Feast 4 Parkdale event and support a local food bank - Parkdale Community Food Bank by creating your own fundraising page. As you rally your friends, family, and community to support your fundraising efforts, you're not just contributing to the cause; you're creating a tapestry of cultural exchange and understanding. Every dollar raised goes towards ensuring that the Parkdale Community Food Bank can provide more diverse holiday food offerings to those that they serve.
More information on this event is available here

Interim rate increase for Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Water next year

Toronto City Council approved a planned three per cent interim increase in rates and fees for Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Water. This will maintain current service levels, provide adequate funds for future capital needs and will help avoid a more significant increase when the budget is approved.

The interim rates and fees will take effect Monday, January 1, 2024, and final rates will be approved in the 2024 Budget, which will launch on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Solid Waste Management Services
Households are charged for waste collection services according to the size of their garbage bins. In 2024, factoring in the three per cent increase, the yearly solid waste fee for a single-family household will amount to $295.29 for a small bin (an increase of $8.60), $358.47 for a medium bin (an increase of $10.44), $486.86 for a large bin (an increase of $14.18) and $564.71 for an extra-large bin (an increase of $16.45).

In addition to residential garbage collection, Solid Waste Management Services fees fund the collection and processing of yard waste, organics, oversized and metal items, household hazardous waste and electronics. These fees also provide support for city-wide litter collection, Community Environment Days, street and park bin collection, drop-off depots and the ongoing maintenance of closed landfills.

Toronto Water
For the average Toronto household using 230 cubic metres of water per year, the interim rate will cost an additional $30 annually (eight cents a day) for a total of $1,039 in 2024.

Toronto Water provides safe drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment and stormwater management services while investing in the construction and revitalization of infrastructure to address challenges posed by growth, aging assets and the effects of climate change.

Rate-supported operating and capital budgets for Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Water – including final rates and fees – will be considered as part of the 2024 Budget process.


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