Council Member Appointments


Today, the Striking Committee made Council member appointment recommendations to fill positions on various committees and boards.

One of my appointments is the Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee.

I deeply view housing as a human right and I will advocate for building and investing in more affordable, supportive and social housing. I also look forward to continuing my work with the community and my colleagues on various committees, boards and agencies.

Here is a complete list of my appointments -

   Executive Committee

Standing Committees:

   Chair, Planning and Housing Committee

Special Committees

   Vice-Chair, Budget Committee

City Boards

   Board of Health

Heriage Boards

   Heritage Toronto

   Toronto Preservation Board

Other City Bodies:

   Toronto and East York Community Council

Council Advisory Boards

   Housing Rights advisory committee

External Boards and Committees

   Artscape Toronto

   Housing Services Corporation

   Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

   BIAs in Ward 4

   Swansea Town Hall

For any Ward 4 or City-related matters, feel free to contact my office at [email protected] .



Public Education Campaigns from Municipal, Licensing and Standards:

   - Using Leaf Blower 

   - Responsible Dog Ownership

Community Events:

   - Toronto Nature Stewards - Aug 23

   - TRCA Celebrate the Humber - Aug 27

Leaf Blower

Using a leaf blower to clean your yard? Let's be considerate of our neighbours and avoid noise from leaf blowers before 8 a.m. and after 7 p.m. on weekdays. On weekends and statutory holidays, noise from leaf blowers is permitted from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also keep your yards clean without using leaf blowers. If you do have to use a leaf blower, consider using green technologies such as electric or low-noise equipment and take steps to reduce noise from your device. Check out other ways to clean yards and tips on reducing leaf blower noise:

Responsible Dog Ownership 

Toronto’s many parks, trails and green spaces make this city a great place to own a dog. But owning a dog is a big responsibility - not only to your pet, but also to the community around you. As a dog owner, one of the most important things you can do is to keep your dog leashed in public spaces. It’s a simple act that will help ensure your dog’s safety, but also the enjoyment of others around you. Remember, not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and not all dogs are friendly. Keeping your dog leashed will help prevent potential conflicts and accidents. If you are looking for a space to let your dog run freely, Toronto has more than 75 designated off-leash areas in the city.

Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s behaviour and should take steps to ensure their dog is behaved and respectful of others. Proper training, socialization and positive reinforcement is essential for a dog’s well-being and will help ensure safer interactions with other dogs and people. To learn more about the rules for owning a dog in Toronto, visit:

Toronto Nature Stewards 

When: Wednesday, August 23rd at 6 PM

Speaker:  Alan Colley, Indigenous Teacher, creator and owner of Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tours

Where: The park is at the bottom of the Humber River and The Queensway, accessed from South Kingsway.

Approximate address: 6 South Kingsway

Alan will speak with us within the Park and enhance our learning about the Humber River and it significance to the Indigenous people.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority - Celebrate the Humber!

Explore a part of the Humber River Recreation Trail in Toronto and view historic landmarks such as the bridge at Etienne Brulé Park, while making stops along the way at interactive and educational stations.

Participants will follow along the trail from Etienne Brulé Park to King's Mill Park as we tell the story of the Carrying Place Trail and the importance of the Humber River through fun and interactive activities.

Stations will include:

  • Education about the history of the Humber River and how to protect it through hands on activities
  • Understanding of how the Humber came to be designated a Canadian Heritage River
  • Lesson on how to cast a fishing rod
  • Canoeing/kayaking part of the Humber River (pre-registration is required)
  • And more!

Date/Time: Sunday, August 27th, 2023, 10 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: Etienne Brulé Park,10 Catherine St, Toronto

Parking: Limited parking is available onsite.             

Attire: This is a rain or shine outdoor event, please dress for the weather and wear flat, comfortable footwear as grounds may be uneven.  

Questions: For more information, please contact Lauren Guido, Specialist, Events at [email protected], or 437-880-2403.

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