Council Highlights - housing, shelters and long term fiscal plan


Yesterday, Council voted in favour of a number of key items on affordable housing, refugee supports and City's fiscal plan.

Council directed the City manager to create a plan including an implementation framework and a timeline to build 25,000 new rent-controlled homes with a mandate to report back later this year.

I am proud of the City's commitment to taking meaningful steps in solving the housing crisis. The support from the community is integral in pushing forward this work.

Here are my comments in support of this important motion.

In light of the unprecedented pressures on our shelter system due to an influx of refugee claimants, staff reported that the City will incur an estimated cost of $200 million in 2023 and $250 million in 2024. Council voted in favour of requesting the federal government fully reimburse the City for these costs along with other sustainable and fair funding tools.

I want to thank the community churches and organizations that have made space available to ease some of the pressure. I encourage you to write to your federal representatives to support the City and the community in providing shelter to our growing houseless population.


Toronto City Council also approved the Updated Long Term Financial Plan, including a series of actions to address Toronto’s unprecedented financial crisis. The City faces an estimated $1.5 billion shortfall for the 2024 operating budget and an estimated $46.5 billion shortfall over the next 10 years. This will have a direct impact on the City's ability to provide programs and services.

City Council voted on a number of important actions to help reducing the funding gap. Among the measures, they voted in favour of implementing a graduated Municipal Land Transfer Tax rate for residential properties valued above $3 million. Additionally they opted to remove the cap of $5/hour for on-street parking rates and to conduct a comprehensive rate review. Council also requested staff reports on new revenue and policy tools such as a foreign buy land transfer tax and a commercial parking levy. Finally, they requested that the Province upload the responsibility and costs associated with the continued construction and maintenance of the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway, including any future capital and operating costs.

However, even with the actions approved by Council, immediate and sustained support from the Government of Canada and the Province is urgently needed. Council will request that the Province authorize new revenue tools that grow with the economy, such as a municipal sales tax on the purchase of goods and services in Toronto, or a share of existing sales taxes. Along with my Council colleagues, I will continue to advocate for both orders of government to contribute their fair share to ensure the City can continue providing vital services and programs to all its residents.


If you would like to watch the complete council meeting, can be viewed at




TTC Updates 

   - Keele Station Track Maintenance

   - Route Changes 501

   - Route Changes 504

Community news and events

   - Community Environment Day

   - High Park Walking Tour

   - Swansea Historical Society

Municipal Licencing and Standards Updates

   - Noise By-law

   - Night Economy

Parks Forestry and Recreation Updates

   - Marilyn Bell Tennis Courts

   - Sunnyside Boardwalk 

 Nightly Subway Track Maintenance - East of Keele Station



TTC service changes to 501 Queen route effective September 3, 2023

Effective September 3, 501 Queen routes will generally operate along the following sections until further notice unless a temporary diversion is required

  • West-end: 501L Queen buses continue to operate between Long Branch Loop and Dufferin Street.

501 Queen streetcars will operate between Roncesvalles Avenue and McCaul Loop.

When construction along The Queensway is completed, streetcars are anticipated to resume travel as far west as Long Branch Loop. We will update your office with specifics of what that streetcar service will look like as soon as firm details are available.

  • Downtown: 501B Queen replacement buses will continue to operate between Queen Street/Bathurst Street and Broadview Avenue/Gerrard Street.
  • East-end: Between September 3 and 22, 501 Queen streetcar service will be replaced by 505 Dundas streetcars on Queen Street East from Broadview Avenue to Neville Park Loop.

Starting September 22 at 10 p.m., 501D Queen buses will operate in the east end between Church Street and Neville Park Loop.

Starting October 8 until further notice, the 501D Queen route will convert into a streetcar service.

Detailed diversion information including dates are available and will continue to be updated online here.

504B King streetcar Route Change

504B King streetcar service on Dufferin Street south of King Street will temporarily be suspended.

Service on the 504B King (Dufferin Gate-Distillery) branch will be extended to the King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles intersection.

Stops not served; Dufferin Street, between King Street and Dufferin Gate Loop.

Customers can board a 29/929 Dufferin bus to travel from Dufferin Gate Loop to King Street West to connect with 504 King streetcars.

Please see the TTC notice.

For information on the construction projects happening in this area please see below:

Dufferin Street Bridges Replacement

Dufferin Street & Springhurst Avenue Construction

Community Environment Day - September 23

High Park Walking Tour - September 10

On this walk, Don Scallen will share stories about the diverse trees that thrive in High Park's remarkable urban forest. Rare Black Oak savanna thrives on its sandy soils. Regionally rare Sassafras trees are common. Among the planted trees are Ginkgos and Dawn Redwoods. Their claim to fame? Both are recognized as "living fossils". 

Meet at the grassy centre triangle, just inside the main entrance to High Park on Bloor Street at 10:30 am.

The next walk will be October 15.

Swansea Historical Society - Updates and Events

August 2023 Update from your Executive: SHS intends to resume a regular Newsletter schedule, which will include hand deliveries and mailings by Canada Post for those members who have requested paper copies, and e-mailing of Newsletters to those who have indicated a willingness to accept electronic copies.

As noted below, SHS plans to hold the annual Governor Simcoe walking tour on September 23. 

Starting with the October 4, 2023, meeting, SHS will implement a “hybrid” approach which means that participants will have a choice of attending SHS meetings in-person at the Swansea Town Hall, or connecting on-line using Zoom. The hope is that the hybrid format will be good for everyone, including those who are comfortable now with in-person meetings and those who prefer to participate from a distance.

Please pass this information on to anyone you think would be interested and may not be receiving this notice.

Annual Governor Simcoe Walking Tour, 9:30 am and 1:00 pm, September 23: As in past years, this FREE guided walking tour will retrace a portion of Simcoe's 1793 expedition up the Toronto Carrying Place portage route. As in past years, Part 1 of the tour will start at 9:30 am at the Rousseau plaque (8 South Kingsway, beside the Petro Canada station), heading north, mainly along Riverside Drive, and finishing near Bloor Street. After a break for lunch on Bloor Street, Part 2 will start at 1:00 pm at the Alex Ling Fountain (north-west corner of Bloor and Jane Streets), and then head farther north, mainly following residential streets a short distance east of the Humber River. Participants are free to join or leave the walk at any point along the route.

Monthly SHS meeting, Wed. Oct. 4, 2023, 7:30 for 8:00 pm: Speaker: Cameron Tolton – From Junction High School to World Class Collegiate Institute: The Story of Humberside. Humberside Collegiate Institute in the west end of Toronto has a history dating back to 1892, when it opened as the Toronto Junction High School. A retired U of T professor, 1954 Humberside alumnus, and son of a long-time Humberside teacher, Cam has an intimate knowledge of the school's archives. Given the timing of back-to-school, this should be a great topic for other alumni from a nostalgic point of view, and also for parents and families who might just be starting their own Humberside journey!

Please note that the meeting time may be subject to revision. The meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format so that participants can attend in-person at the Swansea Town Hall or connect on-line using the Zoom tool. Zoom links and confirmed times will be provided closer to the meeting date. The evening's programme will start with a brief Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections. We request that members be on time, so that we can achieve a quorum for the AGM.

Monthly SHS meeting, Wed. Nov. 1, 2023, 7:45 for 8:00 pm: Speakers: Katy Whitfield and Ian DaSilva – “They Walked These Streets; We Will Remember Them”. Katy and Ian will be expanding their interactive WWI and WWII Remembrance Day soldier memorials all the way south to Lake Ontario this year. They will talk about their projects commemorating local soldiers who lost their lives during the World Wars and include specifics relating to our Swansea area. Information about their initiatives from previous years can be found at: TALK: They Walked These Streets, We Will Remember Them (November 3) @ 7PM | West Toronto Junction Historical Society (


Please note that the meeting time may be subject to revision. The meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format so that participants can attend in-person at the Swansea Town Hall or connect on-line using the Zoom tool. Zoom links and confirmed times will be provided closer to the meeting date. Assuming no time changes, the Zoom connection will be open by 7:45 pm on November 1.

Residents invited to provide feedback on the implementation of the Noise Bylaw at public consultations starting September 12

The City of Toronto is reviewing the successes and challenges of implementing the Noise Bylaw, which was amended in 2019. Residents are invited to provide feedback at public consultations, starting Tuesday, September 12.

In Toronto, certain levels of noise are reasonable and reflect life in the densely populated city. The City’s Noise Bylaw balances the city’s vibrancy with the needs of residents and provides time restrictions and sound level limits for various types of noise.

Registration for the following in-person and virtual consultations is available online:

  • General noise (for example, unreasonable and persistent noise, power device noise and noise from waste collection):
    • In-person: Tuesday, September 12, Metro Hall, 55 John St., Room 308/309, 7 to 9 p.m.
    • Virtual: Tuesday, September 19, 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Amplified sound (for example, music from bars):
    • Virtual: Wednesday, September 13, 7 to 9 p.m.
    • In-person: Thursday, September 21, Metro Hall, 55 John St., Room 308/309, 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Motor vehicle noise:
    • Virtual: Monday, September 18, 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Construction noise (for example, condo developments and residential infill):

In-person: Wednesday, September 20, North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St., Meeting Room 101, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Amendment of the bylaw in 2019 resulted in the introduction of sound level limits for amplified sound and motorcycles, enhancements to the noise exemption permit process and the introduction of a dedicated noise enforcement team with late night coverage. 

This review aims to assess the bylaw amendments and consider potential refinements. Key focus areas for the review include:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the current decibel limits and enforcement approach for amplified sound.
  • Enhancing the City's response to excessive vehicle noise.
  • Strengthening noise enforcement and strategies for the proactive mitigation of noise issues.

The City also intends to respond to additional issues as part of the implementation review, including potential decibel limits for power devices (for example, leaf blowers and lawn mowers), regulations for waste collection noise and strengthening the noise exemption permit process.

The City has hired an independent acoustical engineering firm to provide a technical review of the bylaw and a firm to conduct broad public opinion research. This research and the public consultation feedback will be used to recommend refinements to the Noise Bylaw in a staff report expected at the Economic Community and Development Committee this fall. 

More information is available on the City’s website:

Night Economy Review: Proposed Zoning and Licensing Regulations for Bars, Restaurants and other Entertainment Venues

The City is reviewing the licensing and zoning regulations for bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues – including nightclubs and live music venues – and exploring strategies to support and enhance Toronto’s Night Economy.  

In spring 2023, staff consulted various stakeholders and the public through targeted meetings, public consultations and an online survey.

The consultations and online survey focused on modernizing Toronto’s zoning, licensing and regulations for businesses, and how City regulations can support balanced night economies, culture and communities citywide.

On September 6 and 7, City staff will be hosting virtual meetings to share an update on the review as well as a summary of proposed amendments to both the Zoning Bylaw and Licensing Bylaw as they relate to Toronto’s Night Economy.

The proposal includes:
• Implementing activity-based licensing for food and other entertainment businesses.
• Increasing permitted entertainment space in bars and restaurants.
• Updating licensing and zoning definitions and requirements for live music venues, retail food stores, nightclubs, arcades and places of assembly.
• Expanding where nightclubs can be located outside the downtown area.

More details and information on how to register for the public sessions are available at

Parks, Forestry and Recreation Updates

Marilyn Bell Tennis Courts: 

Please note that Marilyn Bell Tennis Courts   will be closed from Sept 11 to October 16 2023 for resurfacing of courts and fence repair .

Signage will be posted on site of closure

Sunnyside Park:

The boardwalk at Sunnyside Park is going to be reconstructed from September to December 2023*. During construction the boardwalk and beach at Sunnyside park will be closed. Pedestrian detour routes will be provided to direct users to the Martin Goodman Trail.

*Timing subject to change.

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