Election Day is Monday, June 26th!

+ 2280 Dundas West update

Election day for the 2023 by-election for the Mayor of Toronto is on Monday, June 26 and 1,445 voting locations will be open across the city from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters must cast their ballot at the voting location assigned to them in the ward where they live.

Voters can visit MyVote to:

  • Search their address to find out where to vote
  • View, download or print a Voter Information Card (if they are on the voters’ list)
  • Find accessibility information about their voting location
  • Review a sample of the ballot
  • Review the candidates running for mayor.

Voter eligibility

To vote in the 2023 by-election for mayor, voters must be:

  • a Canadian citizen; and
  • at least 18 years old; and
  • a resident in the city of Toronto; or
  • a non-resident of Toronto, but they or their spouse own or rent property in the city; and
  • not prohibited from voting under any law.

What to bring to the voting place

Voters are reminded to bring identification showing their name and qualifying Toronto address and their Voter Information Card (VIC), if they received one. VICs provide information about when and where to vote and can contribute to a more efficient voting experience. VICs are not required to vote and cannot be used as identification.

Accessibility for election day

The Voter Assist Terminal is a ballot-marking device that allows voters with disabilities to mark their ballot privately and independently. The features include a touch screen, an audio function, a braille keypad, a sip/puff tube device, a rocker paddle/foot switch and zoom features to adjust font sizes and colour contrast.

If a voter requires the use of a Voter Assist Terminal on election day and one is not located at their designated voting location, they can request to have their ballot transferred by calling 416-338-1111, press 6.

More information about Toronto’s 2023 by-election for mayor is available on the Toronto Elections webpage.

In this week's newsletter:
  • Update on 2280 Dundas Street West
  • Parkside Drive Study Update
  • Committee of Adjustment Hybrid Hearings
  • High Park Restoration Program

Update on 2280 Dundas Street West at Dundas and Bloor, Loblaw site

I'm reaching out with an update on the current development application for 2280 Dundas Street West.

A new application for redevelopment of 2280 Dundas St W was submitted to the city in August 2022. https://secure.toronto.ca/AIC/index.do . A pre-application Community meeting on this new application was held in July 2022 followed by a City Planning staff-led Community Meeting in February, 2023.

This new application and community consultation follows community consultation on a past application for this site which was very different in scope. The most recent application does not include the Bishop Morocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School.

The size and scope of development on this site will impact the community. Input from the community to help shape a development that brings most benefit to the site and community is vital and needs to start now.

Although two community roundtables were held in 2017 to work through the old application, there has been no continuity of work with new application.

I have communicated with ChoiceREIT to advocate for a series of working groups so that the community's voice might be heard. Working groups detail such features as urban design, transportation design, and new park areas through review of the most recent application,

ChoiceREIT have advised that they are currently not interested in participating in this process.

The community's voice in the Planning process is continually being squeezed out by provincial government changes. Inaction on a City Planning application while precious days tick away in a tight review timeline is not acceptable. With this in mind, I am asking City Planning to close the file. Moving forward, it would effectively reset the timer and the process for this site, requiring ChoiceREIT to resubmit their application at a time that they are prepared to properly consult with the community. I see this as the only option left that will keep the community's voice involved.

I'd like to thank all of you that have participated in the process so far and for the patience of everyone involved. I am committed to only building our neighbourhood in a way that fosters inclusivity and respect.

Parkside Drive Study Update - Report to Infrastructure and Environment Committee"

The Parkside Drive Study Update report is on the Infrastructure and Environment Committee for June 28th : https://secure.toronto.ca/council/agenda-item.do?item=2023.IE5.4

The report provides an update on the study, including the visioning work for the corridor so far, public engagement plans coming up, and improvements delivered to date.

As an update report, it contains information only; no recommendations are being made. A final report on the outcomes of the Parkside Drive Study is targeted for late 2023, after the second phase of public consultation. The final report will include recommendation on both the preferred vision and interim plan.

Committee of Adjustment Hybrid Hearings - Commencing in July

Starting July 19th, Committee of Adjustment hearings will be moving to a hybrid in-person/virtual format. City staff and panel members will be attending the meetings in person, while applicants and the public can either join in person or virtually on Webex by telephone, computer, smartphone or tablet.

The meetings will also be streamed on YouTube (Toronto City Planning channel)  https://www.youtube.com/c/TorontoCityPlanning

Details on Participation

Applicants and public deputants will have more choice in how they participate in the hearing:

  • Virtual participation by video or audio using Webex, by telephone, computer, tablet or smartphone, with pre-registration required no later than 4:30 pm, two business days before the hearing date. 
  • In-person participation at the Committee of Adjustment hearing room location for the district (information below and on the CoA webpage). In-person attendees are encouraged to pre-register.
  • For both virtual and in-person participation, any presentation materials must be sent via email five business days before the hearing date.  Staff cannot accept materials at the meetings.

Members of the public can also send written submissions via email, with a deadline of no later than 4:30 pm, five business days before the hearing date. This is to ensure materials can be forwarded to members in advance of the hearing.

The CoA website will be updated prior to the commencement of hybrid hearings with new meeting location information and participation instructions. Public hearing notices will also include updated information about the hybrid format and how to participate.

High Park Restoration Program: Dog Strangling Vine Management, 2023

Urban Forestry will continue with management of Dog Strangling Vine in High Park over the next 3-4 weeks this summer.  Staff have been strategically and actively managing a small number of areas of vegetation within High Park for over 20 years. The majority of our efforts are  focused on our Woodland and Savannah sites that have rare species and high-quality understories that are at risk of being outcompeted by a number of invasive species.

Dog Strangling Vine management is undertaken by trained Urban Forestry staff using a variety of methods, including hand digging of individual plants and herbicide application to individual stems as part of our integrated pest management.  As part of our restoration program, dog strangling vine management is performed over the summer months in preparation for the annual spring burn and spring/fall plantings, aiming to increase biodiversity and enhance ecological function.  Additionally, our invasive species management efforts aim to minimize damage to the ecosystem caused by various invasive species, not to eradicate these species. 

Herbicide warning signs will be posted 24 hours prior to herbicide treatment and signs will be removed 48 hours after treatment. If people see the signage they should remain on trails. The signs have additional information about the invasive species being managed and a phone number for any public enquiries.

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